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PAX Tools Recipes are instructions for individual, evidence-based strategies intended to support families in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Ultimately, these strategies can reduce instances of child maltreatment and even reduce the risk of psychiatric disorders and drug misuse.

You will find multiple various ways to implement the strategies, in both English and Spanish. You can download them for your tablet or device, or you can print them out for easy reference!

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Dr. Dennis Embry, president of PAXIS and it’s senior scientist, delivers keynote addresses for organizations, governments, businesses, universities, and other entities. Dr. Embry is a dynamic speaker who inspires people for action to protect our communities, schools, families, and neighborhoods for the future using powerful, proven strategies. He often presents with major colleagues on important challenges of the day. 

Speaking Engagements

Our consultation services are about helping others create effective solutions to increase PAX (Peace, Productivity, Health and Happiness) in political jurisdictions, governmental programs or services, scientific projects on new problems, non-governmental organizations, as well as private entities.

Consultation Services & Licensing

We have multiple training efforts and are constantly developing other partners. The aim of our trainings is for the people to leave with practical tools they can use the very next day. That is not enough, though. We also want participants to understand the multiple layers of science for those practical tools, how to be an “everyday scientist” of the effects and processes, so that they can adapt or innovate for continuous improvement, and become part of a larger learning community to grow the knowledge, practice, and success.

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How many people participated?

around 1,000 Teachers

trained in Ohio,

in 29 counties.

120 pax partners trained, plus continued

professional development conducted for

around 2,000 existing trained teachers

Reward & Reminder, a population-level intervention targeting whole communities, counties, or states, is designed to promote the community norm of not selling tobacco to minors.


By using rapid and public rewards recognition for clerks and retailers/outlets that do not sell tobacco to minors, Reward & Reminder aims to reduce illegal sales of tobacco, perceived access to tobacco, and tobacco use prevalence rates.

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